In Plast Scouts, there is a fine tradition to honor the scouting patron, St. George, by holding Sviato Vesny – a spring holiday. On May 7, 2022, Plast Scouts in Gorzów Wielkopolski held such an event.

Over 20 scouts of all ranks took part in the festivities. For some of the plast scouts, this was the first opportunity to participate in such activities out in nature. The program included lessons in first aid, cooking, camping skills and practical outdoor skills as well as a joint field exercise for older and younger ages.

After counting scores, and assessing scouting attitudes, the winner of the event for scouts was Anastasia Didyk, from the group “Sunflowers” (led by Nazar Yavorsky, OX), and winner for younger scouts was Veronica Gyla, from the group “Secret Foxes” (led by Marta Horodetska). The day ended traditionally with a campfire and everyone returned home feeling satisfied and tired, but full of anticipation for getting together again for similar activities.

Thanks to the Plast scouting leadership for organizing this event!

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