Algorithm for foreigners entry into the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine

Step 1. Apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country with the intention to join the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine (ask for a military diplomat or consul, contact details – on the website of the Embassy):
You can apply in three ways: 1) come to the Embassy physically; 2) call; 3) write to e-mail.

Step 2. Specify what documents and clothing (equipment) you need or recommend.
Documents: internal document (ID or passport); passport for traveling abroad; documents confirming military service (service in security agencies) and participation in military operation; other documents on the instructions of the military diplomat and consul.

Step 3. Arrive at the Embassy with documents for an interview with the Defense Attaché and Visa Settlement with the Consul.

Step 4. Write an application for admission to the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service under a contract on a voluntary basis (Defense Attaché provides assistance).

Step 5. Get instructions on how to arrive in Ukraine, the availability of the necessary documents and equipment.
It is recommended, if available, to bring military clothing or its elements, equipment, helmet, body armor and more.

Step 6. Go to Ukraine in a particular way.
The representatives of Ukrainian embassies, consulates (abroad) and territorial defense in Ukraine will provide assistance in the movement process. Their contacts will be provided at the Embassy of Ukraine in your country.

Step 7. Upon arrival in Ukraine at the collection point to join the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine (sign a contract) and together with soldiers from other countries and Ukrainian soldiers to go to fight against the Russian occupiers.

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