A couple of scouts from Wales, Great Britain together with members of PLAST – Ukrainian Scout Organisation from Ukraine and Austria have initiated and are leading humanitarian support to Ukraine

If you want your dreams to come true – take it and do it!

This motto is followed by scouts around the world for their positive and friendly deeds. This is exactly what Ceri and David Carlyon Ceri David Carlyon the scouts from Usk, Wales, UK, did when they learned of Russia’s military invasion into Ukraine. They were deeply moved by destructions and suffering of civilian population in Ukraine since the first days of the war. Ceri and David immediately contacted their good friends from Ukraine Yaroslav and Victoria Kolodiy (with whom they made friends a few years earlier thanks to Cwmbran business Welsh Connection & Ukrainian business KozaDereza.ua Koza Dereza Manufacture) and asked how they could be of immediate help. They initiated a donation campaign and bought two pick-ups to hand-over to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine.

Both cars were loaded with a variety of essentials, such as:

  • Medical supplies;
  • Humanitarian aid such as nappies, baby food, long-life food, sanitary products; Some clothes;
  • Even some defensive military equipment – helmets, vests, torches, rangefinders.

Ceri and David were personally driving the cars from their country and by reaching Vienna in a day and a half, they handed over humanitarian aid to the members of PLAST – Ukrainian Scout Organisation in Austria. Thanks to the common efforts, the cargo arrived in Ukraine on March 6th, 2022.

Ms. Carlyon was a Group Leader at Gwent Scouts and Mr. Carlyon is Country Scouting Commissioner, they sincerely believe in the principles of Scouting that are based on active volunteering and support to each other. On their way to Ukraine, they stopped for a break in Vienna, Austria and had the opportunity to meet with Austrian and Ukrainian PLAST – Ukrainian Scout Organisation members, when they exchanged the Scout scarves with the symbols of their local units Gilwern Scout Group 1st Gilwern Scout Group, Monmouthshire Scout District, Gwent Scouts and Scouts Cymru (Wales) to unite scouts around the world in achieving the good cause. On their own initiative, Ceri and David Carlyon have appealed to all scouts in the UK and around the world for needed actions and assistance.

Thanks to active efforts of families Carlyon and Kolodiy, 18 cars, so far, have been loaded with humanitarian aid and been delivered to the Ternopil city in Ukraine. The action does not stop here and our fellows can join to the fundraising for humanitarian aid for Ukraine under this link.

  • Пласт Австрії
  • https://www.facebook.com/gilwernscoutgroup
  • https://monscouts.org.uk/
  • http://www.gwentscouts.org.uk/
  • http://www.scoutscymru.org.uk/
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