Субтельний Орест. Пласт Унікальна Історія Українського Скаутського Руху

Автор: Orest Subtelny with Orest Dzulynsky, Tanya Dzulynsky, and Oksana Zakydalsky

Мова видання: англійська

Кількість сторінок: 439

Рік видавництва: 2016, Toronto, Canada

Опис: In this book, the renowned historian Orest Subtelny, who wrote Ukraine: A History, describes to us how, in 1911, a small group of teachers, whose people lived under foreign rule, at the crossroads of empires, took Baden Powell’s idea, adapted it to their circumstances and formed a scouting organization for the betterment of Ukrainian youth and to provide hope to the Ukrainian nation. The organization was buffeted by history — repression, war, emigration, dispersement throughout the world — and finally found renewal in a free Ukraine. It was an amazing journey, truly a unique story.

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